• Federal Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development Officials in 2002
  • Federal Capital Territory Officials in 2003
  • Zamfara State Government Officials in 2004
  • 23 Local Government Chairman of Kogi State in 2004
  • 23 Local Government Chairman of Benue
  • Five (5) Officials and a then Member of Benue State House of Assembly in 2005
  • Rivers State Government in 2009
  • Ten (10) Sokoto State Local Government Chairman in 2010

Our organization had also worked in collaboration with the State Governments of:

  • Benue
  • Jigawa on combating desertification
  • Kebbi
  • Kogi
  • Niger
  • Plateau and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria

towards the attainment of the objectives of Millennium Development Goals and the realization of the aims of Vision 20-2020. In 2003, the organization embarked on the introduction of the high yield international white variety of sesame seeds into Nigeria to replace the brownish that is then widely planted in the country.

As developing partners in the remote villages, our organization since 2009 has been actively and financially involved through:

  • The Construction of a Rural Health Clinic in Fingilla Kebbi State
  • Collaborated with the Niger, Benue, Kogi, Kebbi and Federal Capital Territory on improved treated high yield seeds
  • Constructed and donated solar powered boreholes to Panda, Piko, Shere
  • The construction of hand pumps boreholes to Munape and shape, while other similar projects are ongoing in other rural communities
  • Underground water sourcing geological survey in the entire communities of the Benue State in the 8th country programs for the 20-2020 global partnerships for development
  • Constructions of boreholes drinking water and distribution of improved treated seeds to the rural poor in the villages of Lantan and Ede, Niger state
  • Tissue Culture Date Palm plantation project with Yobe and Zamfara state governments.

Embryonics course involving Artificial Insemination

Programme: Embryonics course which involved Artificial Insemination, Genetic and Cross-breeding Techniques, a 5 day training programme held on behalf of KIADO and Embryonics Ltd at Allostock, Chesire on November 25-29 2013. Description Picture 1: Shows one of the farmers practicing artificial insemination on one of the cows. Picture 2: Shows some of the cows ready…

Seed Donations

KIADO donating various planting seeds such as soybeans, sesame, groundnuts, tubers, garlic, ginger and onion seedlings to the rural farmers.